604.657.3013                                   1904 Arbutus Street Vancouver, BC, V6J 3X7
The "Yellow House on the Corner" was built in 1911 as a family summer home in the Kitsilano beach community, newly accessible by the 1909 Fourth Avenue streetcar line. It was lived in by several families and also used as a boarding house until the 1960's, when the blooming of the counterculture made Kitsilano the Haight-Ashbury of Canada and hippies moved in.

Fourth Avenue, a few steps away, provided an atmosphere of poetry, music and social activism.
The old Kitsilano Theatre (just steps from Arbutus Guest House) provided one of the first coffee-house venues and hosted such local folkies as the Tom Northcott Trio. At the Village Bistro (around the corner from the guest house), psychedelic bands like the United Empire Loyalists, Papa Bear's Medicine Show and the Collectors got their start. At Kitsilano Beach, bands plugged in and played endless jams in the equally endless purple-haze twilight of Vancouver's summer evenings.

During the 1980's prospering young families began to move back to Kitsilano. Today, we own the "yellow house on the corner" and have converted it into three unique travel apartments.
                "Yellow House on the Corner"
                                     Guest House